Personal Injury Claims – Are you entitled to claim?

Work accident compensation claims fall under the category of personal injury claims. This is pretty straightforward and means that you’re claiming as an individual suffering damage to yourself. This can be anything from whiplash to broken limbs and permanent injuries.

A general overview of claiming for injuries

As a general rule, the worse the injury and the more impact it has on your life after the incident, the more money you are entitled to. However, for any personal injury claim, the key element is it not being your fault. Joint liability claims are also common in cases where the injured party is not keen to go to court yet fails to reach an out of court settlement of 100% of the claim with the other party involved. This is often the case where blame and responsibility are difficult to assign or there were no witnesses and not enough evidence, for example in a car accident.

Making your case stronger

Work compensation claims tend to be more straightforward in terms of who is at fault, although of course this does depend on the nature of your job and the working environment. Witnesses are one of the best ways to cement your grounds for claiming, and for extensive injuries or permanent problems you will have a stronger case. This is particularly true if you have to take any time off work or are forced to quit altogether. Always keep all records of doctor, hospital and physiotherapy appointments in addition to keeping your own list of other expenses you’ve incurred directly as a result of your accident.

Work Accident Compensation

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