How do I apply for work accident compensation?

If you’ve had an accident at work because your employer has been neglectful or not provided the right equipment or working environment for you, you may be entitled to a claim. How much you receive depends on various factors, including the personal costs you incurred, liability, legal costs and much more. To get started, you need to find a reputable lawyer willing to take on your case.

Could you recommend a personal injury lawyer?

At WorkAccidentCompensation.co, we strive to remain impartial and don’t directly recommend any lawyers or law firms. This helps us give balanced advice. Your best bet is to check out reviews on a number of different consumer review sites (rather than paid lead ‘review’ sites or affiliate sites).

I’m afraid to start a compensation claim because I fear it will make things awkward for me at work – what should I do?

Legally speaking, a work accident compensation claim should not affect how you are treated at work. However, in the real world, people make their judgements and ensure their feelings about the issue are made clear. At the end of the day everyone involved should act professionally without

Will I have to go to court?

Work compensation claims and other accident and injury claims are frequently settled outside of court, no matter where you live or what the situation is. This is generally due to the costs of going to court for both parties. If you are keen to avoid going to court for whatever the reason, it is often more amicable and less hassle to settle outside.

Should I settle for work accident compensation outside of court?

At the end of the day, that is your decision. Your lawyer can advise you on your likelihood of winning your case in court, but remember that legal fees can form a considerable chunk of your compensation if you do take the case to court.

How do I find out the laws for my particular region/state/country?

We’ve listed some useful links in the sidebar if you’re located in the US, UK, Australia or Canada,. If you’re looking for state-specific legislation or information for another country, we recommend searching the internet and using reliable website resources to get started. We always recommend taking the advice of a qualified personal injury lawyer working locally to you. Information found on the internet is frequently unreliable and outdated, so don’t jump to any conclusions from it.