Claiming Compensation

This is a brief article covering the reasons why you may want to claim compensation and why you may want to avoid claiming.

Why claim compensation?

Compensation claims, particularly those relating to work accident compensation, are important regardless of the monetary outcome. This is because dangerous working environments should be thoroughly inspected and assessed to prevent further incidents and ensure employees are adequately catered for in terms of suitable clothing, equipment, training and general conditions. If your claim or court case means someone else has a better working environment and an accident is prevented, it is more than worth it.

Many people suffering from an accident at work are entitled to compensation because the incident has had a long term or even permanent effect on their life. In these instances, money can be a small consolation, particularly if physical damage or family stress or break ups are involved, and many people believe that they are entitled to a compensation payout.

Reasons you may not want to claim compensation

Claiming compensation is becoming such a common thing that it’s more unusual to ask why you wouldn’t claim.

Although the idea of some extra money may sound great, the hassle isn’t always worth it in the end, especially if your time is precious to you. It all depends on how strong your initial claim is, as well as how bad your accident was and how it has affected your life following the incident. In smaller or weaker cases, it is unlikely you will receive much money and the amount of paperwork you have to fill in, as well as time spent on appointments and phone calls, may make a compensation claim not worth your while.

Which way to go?

At the end of the day, it’s your decision, which should be made with your lawyer’s help and no one else’s. You should never be dissuaded from making a claim – particularly a work accident compensation claim – by the other party involved. You should not be made to feel as if your job is under threat or you will be treated differently in such circumstances, particularly if your case can help someone else getting hurt.

No Win No Fee

What is ‘no win no fee’?

No win no fee has become a popular catchphrase amongst lawyers and personal injury solicitors and as such it’s made it into everyday usage. You’ll often see ‘no win no fee’ written on billboard ads, on your TV screen and on leaflets and posters relating to personal injury and accident claims.

But what does it actually mean?

‘No win no fee’ does what it says on the tin. You keep all the compensation involved and the costs of your lawyers and personal injury claim specialists are recovered separately from the other side. This means you’re not out of pocket and you don’t have to worry about claiming enough to pay for expensive lawyers.

The details of no win no fee claims should be looked at in detail. Such claims are not available in every region, and indeed no win no fee is being phased out in a lot of countries, partially to try and alleviate advancing ‘compensation cultures’. Always look into no win no fee carefully to see how it applies to your particular situation, and what regional and national regulations and factors come into play.

Choosing a no win no fee provider

When you’re choosing a ‘no win no fee’ provider, your first port of call should be trying to find a friend who can provide you with extensive details and a direct recommendation. Failing that, search for genuine reviews of the company online. Avoid sites that are paid to offer good reviews and referrals, and instead stick to general consumer sites that are independently run by a third party.

Some consumer forums, particularly the big money-orientated ones such as saving communities can be helpful as well, but be careful when reading posts and keep an eye out for patterns of members with only a handful of posts that seem unrealistically enthusiastic about the company in question. No one gets THAT excited about personal injury claims!

Never select a provider simply because you’ve seen their advertising everywhere or because they are the only ones who explicitly offer a ‘no win no fee’ service.

What to look for and what to avoid

Make sure your preferred no win no fee personal injury lawyers have the relevant qualifications for your region. Always call and ask questions beforehand to check their professionalism and attitude.

Select a provider with a trustworthy, quality approach – avoid those with tacky, cheesy advertising and poor websites.

Good luck!