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Claiming Compensation This is a brief article covering the reasons why you may want to claim compensation and why you may want to avoid claiming. Why claim compensation? Compensation claims, particularly those relating to work accident compensation, are important regardless of the monetary outcome. This is because dangerous working environments should be thoroughly inspected and assessed to prevent further incidents and ensure employees are adequately catered for in terms of suitable clothing, equipment, training and general conditions. If your claim or court case means someone else has a better working environment and an accident is prevented, it is more than worth it. Many people suffering from an accident at work are entitled to compensation because the incident has had a long term or even permanent effect on their life. In these instances, money can be a small consolation, particularly if physical damage or family stress or break ups are involved, and many people believe that they are entitled to a compensation payout. Reasons you may not want to claim compensation Claiming compensation is becoming such a common thing that it’s more unusual to ask why you wouldn’t claim. Although the idea of some extra money may sound great, the hassle… Read the Rest->