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How Long Does It Take To Make A Claim?

This is a hugely important question that many compensation claims companies just seem to gloss over. It always makes me suspicious if I see this question on a website and they’ve given an extremely vague answer, such as ‘We do our best to make sure your claim is handled as quickly as possible’. If you’ve never made a work accident compensation claim, or in fact any kind of compensation claim before, then you might breeze past this answer. But in fact, it’s a very common question and one which is usually skipped over. What a lot of compensation companies and personal injury lawyers don’t tell you is that it could literally take you years to see any money, even if you’re prompt with handing over all the necessary information required at the various stages of the process. Let me tell you this: the lawyers on the other side of your claim will do their best to drag it out and leave you hanging, partially in the hope that you’ll give up. If they can’t make you give up, they will often try to convince you to split the money so you will avoid going to court. There is no right… Read the Rest->