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Work Accidents

Understanding Work Accidents – A Guide For Beginners ‘Had an accident at work? Then you may be entitled to compensation…’ most of us have probably seen those adverts on television and smiled a little whilst viewing actors tripping over strapping, slipping on wet floors or falling off ladders – but for those who have actually suffered an accident at work there is nothing for them to smile about. A work accident, also known as an occupational accident, is a ‘discrete occurrence in the course of work which leads to physical or mental harm’. The phrase ‘in the course of work’ means during the course of work or at work (even if the accident happens off the company’s premises or even if it is caused by third parties) as long as the employee is engaged in an economic activity, or at work or carrying on the business of the employer. Approximately one million people in the UK suffer some type of injury or accident in the workplace each year and it appears that many could easily be avoided and it is essential that that the employer provides a duty of care in order to protect his/her workers. An accident at work… Read the Rest->